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 I want to welcome you to my site and thank you for taking the time and interest in my books. When I read good fiction I feel as if I've been transported to another world. I hope you have that same experience reading my stories


Bending Toward

the Light

  Rory Jensen appears to have the perfect life, a successful husband, a talented daughter, and a beautiful home. But at the age of 42, the facade that she has masterfully created begins to crack...

Seated in a diner with her belongings packed in the back of her 1965 Ford Falcon, she wonders if she has the courage to continue her journey and confront the buried demons of her past.

Set against the rugged untamed beauty of Northern California to the tranquil waters of the Carolinas her journey is filled with unique and diverse characters, some with secrets of their own..

Belle Grove

Corsica Series Vol 2

Julie Seevers has opened an herb shop in the small fishing town of Corsica and is juggling family life and running a business. Tabs Tucker, a misanthropic teen, works part-time at Julie’s shop. And Libby Langston, Julie’s best friend, is looking for something to spark the boredom of summer. She thinks she’s found it when a newcomer to the town enters Julie’s shop and Libby invites her to join the Corsica book club. But what Libby doesn’t know is that she has started them all down a twisted path of betrayal, past secrets, and even murder that will test the bounds of friendship, family, and love.

Haverford House

Corsica Series Vol 1

When Josh and Libby Langston move from Baltimore to a small fishing town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, they’ll soon find out that the sleepy town of Corsica has some deeprooted secrets. Thinking that she has finally found the perfect place to call home, Libby will discover her new dream house has a troubled past that is about to be awakened.
After a Haverford descendant, dead for over a century, sends Libby cryptic messages for help, Libby decides to seek the aid of the local townspeople. However, as the hidden history begins to be uncovered, Libby will learn that sometimes the past is better left buried.



Haverford House Reviews

Belle Grove Reviews

“Reading Haverford House was a genuine treat. It is a fascinating story filled with intrigue, suspense and wide appeal.”— MAUREEN BARON, I.E.G., NEW YORK

“Winfield masterfully reveals how the complicated lives of the people in Corsica are intertwined ... She paints a rich picture of the characters’ personalities .... [and] establishes a strong sense of setting ... Winfield draws readers in with her use of details … deftly shifting from a character-driven story to a plot-driven, action-filled mystery ... With unusual but appealing characters, she keeps readers deeply engaged throughout her eccentric, compelling novel.”
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ FIVE STARS,

"Belle Grove reads at a fast pace, with quick rising and ebbing of tensions and action. The novel is grounded in the town of Corsica... keeping the overall aura of the book light, without bringing any of the mental fatigue that often accompanies heightened tensions or actions. The book maintains a levity and brightness rare for its genre. Instead of darkening tones to amp up drama, the ends of chapters are clipped to build suspense. This builds a curiosity that keeps the pages turning." -- Hannah Choi Foreword/Clarion Reviews

Bending Toward the Light Reviews                 

"Bending Toward the Light is a careful, thoughtful exploration of the heart and mind of a woman who is trying to find herself..." Foreword/Clarion Reviews

"It's a feel-good drama that fans of the genre will love. An inspiring...tale of a woman reclaiming her life." Kirkus Reviews




Featured Author 

Book Signing 


Katherine Winfield will be sigining books at the Metropolitan Community Club of Montgomery County to help raise funds for local charities.

Time: Friday,October 4th from 4:00 pm to  7:00pm 

Location: Garrett Park Town Hall 10814 Kenilworth Avenue
Garrett Park, Md. 20896

In the Spotlight

The Water's Edge a short story by Author Katherine Winfield is featured in the newly released anthology, She Writes -Visions and Voices of  Seaside Scribes

Available on Amazon and local bookstores



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